Carl Greenglass

AUSA assigned to VASCU cases


Assistant US Attorney Carl Greenglass (played by Saul Rubinek) is the prosecutor who works with VASCU. It’s difficult to find AUSAs who combine absolute trustworthiness with the level of political vulnerability necessary to have their career derailed, perhaps permanently, by an assignment where almost none of the cases can be made fully public. Carl’s predecessors averaged 27 months on the job before leaving for private practices, or, in one notable instance, retiring to a commune in Vermont. Carl has been doing the job for 9 years, now, and shows no sign of slowing down. He’s a true believer in the value of VASCU, and the fact that he shows so much enthusiasm for a post that’s extremely difficult to fill mean that his job is safe for the foreseeable future.

He looks a lot more like a down-on-his-luck English professor than an Assistant US Attorney. He has a startling number of tweed jackets. He rarely wears a tie, and wears brown loafers that probably date back to the Carter Administration. He dresses like this in the office, he dresses like this in court, and given how wrinkled his jackets always are, he probably dresses like this when he goes to sleep. On one or two occasions, new VASCU agents have asked older hands how he gets away with this, and they’re invariably told not to ask. Most conclude after a couple months that he must have mild psionic abilities that he uses to cloud his appearance, but any attempts to make telepathic contact are ignored in classic Zero Type fashion.

Carl Greenglass

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