Bullet in the Brain

The series premiere of Vanguard: The Vigil.

Excerpted from “Psychic Cops and Psycho Killers”, by Bill Klamp, from the May 2012 issue of Horror Fanatic magazine:

After the premiere episode of new series, Vanguard the Vigil, was delayed for six from it’s original air date in November, many horror fans began to worry that it would never air. Following rumors of production troubles, executive meddling and a nervous breakdown on the part of showrunner Fred Fribble, worry began to turn to despair. So you can imagine my excitement when I received word from Pants on Head Productions that the show was going to start airing at 9PM Friday on FOX this spring, and that there was some exciting casting news to boot!

Now, many of you know that B. D. Wong will be reprising his role as Law and Order: Special Victims Unit‘s Dr George Huang. This had me worried that Fribble really had lost it, the way his fans said, and he was going to turn what should be simple, bloody fun into yet another cop drama about serious issues ripped from the headlines. But as a died-in-the-wool (pun intended!) slasher fan, I’ve learned something that’s got me more stoked than ever about the pilot. Kane Hodder, who played the part of Jason Vorhees in five “Friday the 13th” sequels, will be making an appearance in the first episode of the series. Let’s hope this is a sign of how the short first season will play out, with less psychological depth and more machetes to the head!

Bullet in the Brain

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