Character Creation

PCs will be pretty beefy, high-powered characters (200 or 250 pts), with the possibility of lower-key psychic powers. I’m still working out the mechanical implications, but for the most part, PCs should fit into a TV show about cops or FBI agents. However, even when designing cinematic (telematic?) FBI agents who would fit in on a TV show about a particularly weird unit within the agency, it might be helpful to keep the qualifications and backgrounds of real FBI agents in mind.

FBI agents in the real world often have military experience, other law enforcement experience, or an advanced degree, and they all must be college graduates. In addition, they must pass the background checks necessary for a Top Secret clearance. All of these requirements may be relaxed for VASCU agents, and there’s some provision for bringing in real outsiders for a good character concept. Besides, it’s TV, so it doesn’t need to be that realistic. Nonetheless, keeping the nature of the unit secret is of utmost importance, so journalists and mystery writers are probably not going to fly.

If there are low-key psionic powers that particularly interest you, you can select them for your character, but many VASCU agents never manifest any powers regardless of what the tests say about their potential, so you can omit them. Mechanics of the powers will be forthcoming, but really flashy stuff like telekinesis or pyrokinesis is out of bounds for starting characters.

In addition to the usuals of backstory and mechanical details, PCs should also have an actor selected. Amy’s already picked her character—it’s Dr. George Huang, an FBI agent psychiatrist from Law and Order: SVU who’s being brought over to the new show as a blatant rating stunt, and he’s played by B. D. Wong. You don’t need much beyond the actor’s name, though a link to a photo would be nice.

No deep mechanical details yet, but I’m working on putting together some archetypes to get you started on what kind of PCs I think would work best in the game. If you have a great idea that doesn’t fit in with any of these, let me know and we can probably work something out. I’ve included examples of the archetypes from real TV shows, and also commented a bit on their mechanical implementations.

Character Creation

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