Vanguard: The Vigil is a game of horror, but a particularly telegenic sort of horror. The game documents the plots of a (fictional) television show which features the PCs as the lead characters. lead character

Player Characters

The PCs are members of a special FBI unit, the Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit (called VASCU everywhere but in the title of the game), and their adventures solving bizarre murders and confronting terrifying, sometimes supernatural killers, form the basis of a weekly TV series. There’s also a list of character archetypes you may find helpful.

The characters (both PCs and NPCs) will have actors that portray them, so we know what they look like, which is of course essential for a TV show. The PCs need stats, but the actors portraying them don’t.


I’ll be trying to come up with house rules that allow us to more easily emulate the feel of a TV show. In addition, PC death will be pretty rare, since these are the headline stars of the show. It’s not impossible (there are always contract disputes!), but it’s not likely. The game itself is based on White Wolf’s Hunter: the Vigil, which is part of the (new) World of Darkness alongside Mage: the Awakening and Vampire: the Requiem. However, as much as I like the background, I cordially despise the system, so we’ll be using GURPS 4e, which is a nice improvement over GURPS 3e.

Season One

Here’s the schedule of episode titles for Season One. More information will appear during and after each episode.

  1. Bullet in the Brain (series premiere)
  2. Overpaid, Overgunned and Over Here
  3. Abra Cadaver
  4. Nightmare on Jump Street
  5. The TV Land Murders
  6. Thicker than Water…
  7. Legends of the Tall
  8. Burnin’ for You
  9. War on Terror, pt. 1 (season finale)

Vanguard: The Vigil